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By Niall Cullen

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Help a Reporter Out – or HARO for short – has become a platform favourite for many SEOs looking to build links in a more traditional PR fashion. The platform, whilst simple in concept, is incredibly powerful in connecting journalists, reporters and bloggers with sources for a wide range of industries or topics.

When media outlets like Insider, Forbes and WSJ are looking for expert insight into a given topic, HARO is often where they turn. For us SEOs, this is a no brainer in generating quality and authoritative links to our or our client’s sites with great topical focus.

How HARO Works

When you sign up for HARO you have the option to subscribe to all listing opportunities or to select specific categories such as Business & Finance or Biotech & Healthcare.

Once you’ve selected your lists or proceeded with the default, you should receive three emails a day Monday through Friday (morning, afternoon and evening) updating you with the most recent listings.

Whilst this is very useful, it can be somewhat tedious to manually search through these emails on a daily basis in the hope of finding a relevant opportunity.

How HARO for Sheets Works

The HARO for Sheets template is a simple but effective solution to streamlining this process. The script works by accessing and searching your Gmail inbox for HARO emails that contain keywords you provide. From this, the script will iterate through all listings where a keyword match is present. These are then exported into separate tabs (e.g. “Matches: gift guide”).

It’s as simple as that. I will be releasing a number of updates which will soon be listed within this article.¬†